FDick 2pc Carving Sets Stainless Steel Carver Fork FORGED STAMPED

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Serving a delicious roast, cutting a juicy slice of roast beef – F. DICK meat and carving forks help you to cut the meat easily without crushing the meat’s fibers.

This preserves the optimal flavor of the meat. 

They come in different FDick handle series and lengths.

Set Specs Price
1905 Series 8″ Forged Carving Knife + 8″ Forged Meat Fork $253.75
Active Cut Series 7″ Stamped Carving Knife + 7″ Forged Meat Fork (Premier Plus Series) $174.75
Premier Plus Series 7″ Forged Carving Knife + 7″ Forged Meat Fork $189.75
Red Spirit Sereis 8″ Forged Carving Knife + 8″ Forged Meat Fork $196.75
Superior Series 8″ Stamped Carving Knife + 7″ Forged Meat Fork (Premier Plus Series) $156.75